Serving 4 Counties


The Mission of Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center is to

deliver high quality mental health and substance abuse services to the individual, family and community.


Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center offers the following services:

Outpatient Services:
Outpatient Services are requested by people seeking help to solve problems that are interfering with their daily lives at home or on the job.

Emergency Services:
NWMHC offers emergency care in all four counties. As a result, anyone who needs assistance can depend on a qualified professional to be available when an emergency arises.

Rehabilitation Services:
Treatment options for clients who require more intensive care than outpatient service, but not full hospitalization. The client retains daily family contact and support while receiving frequent, highly focused treatment and compassionate support.

Consultation and Education Services:
NWMHC plays an important role in each community it serves through education and consultation services. These programs are designed to increase public awareness of the value of good mental health. They also make the public aware that – with mental health care, as with physical health care – prevention of serious problems is as important as treatment.

Specialized Services
NWMHC offers an array of special programs tailored to the unique mental health and substance abuse demands of each county.

Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy:
These programs are designed to help families that are fragmented or in crisis, where the integrity of the family unit is threatened.

Children’s Day Treatment Programs:
Each clinic has created programs to help youngsters between the ages of five and thirteen build self-esteem, social skills, and emotional well-being.

Services for the Elderly: Services are designed to assist senior citizens facing the challenges of aging. Our professionals work with caregivers to help seniors cope with physical problems, isolation, loneliness and depression.

Geriatric Consultation:
Northern offers training and support to nursing homes and other agencies serving the elderly. Individual mental health assessment and therapy is also available to clients when needed.

Substance Abuse Prevention:
This prevention program identifies the consequences and costs of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use to people throughout the community. The program educates young people and their parents about the dangers of substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Programs:
An adult Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program serving both men and women is offered by the Center in Sheridan County. An adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program is also offered in Sheridan County, with a similar program being developed in Johnson County.

Minors in Possession (MIP):
This program supplies assessment, consultation and referral services for minors who have been found in possession of alcoholic beverages.

Driving While Under the Influence (DWUI):
NWMHC conducts classes providing both treatment and education for those convicted of DWUI offenses.

Family Preservation:
This program provides intensive treatment of a serious mental or emotional disorder of a child or adolescent. The services of a mental health professional, a case manager, and an individual rehabilitative therapist are employed to prevent placement in a residential treatment center or psychiatric hospital.

Supported Independence Project:
The Supported Independence Project is a dynamic treatment team that provides individualized support and treatment services to seriously mentally ill clients. Clients are at risk of hospitalization or are discharged from in-patient care.