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What Does It Mean to Be Mindful

woman meditating in field

Dr. Jennifer Howard is the host of A Conscious Life Radio show which has a very successful following and here she share some words on the practical importance and application of mindfulness in daily life.

Dr. Howard says, life in modern times has become so rushed and stressful for everyone that if we don?t find ways to cope with the pace, we will struggle in even greater ways physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Using mindfulness meditation techniques and learning how to be mindful moment to moment in our daily lives can transform us into a person who has a clear mind and an open heart. Even with these hectic demands, life can be more peaceful.  It takes practice to be simple.


Knowing our mind may be engulfed in the past and the future, it certainly helps to find ways to bring ourselves back to the moment. This reminds me of the Zen prove...More

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