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Positive Psychology

What is Positive Psychology?

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For most of the twentieth century psychology focused on mental illness and how to help people feel and cope better with their lives. While psychopathology remains a key focus of clinical psychology, a more positive turn in the way human behavior is thought about occurred. This positive turn is referred to as Positive Psychology. Positive psychology is based on the theory that, beyond helping people recover from depression, they can become happy. Whats more, people who are already happy can become happier. In other words, everyone has strengths along with weaknesses. By nurturing those strengths, people can flourish and meet their potential in life. Positive psychologists refer to their study as the science of happiness. Another way of stating the same concept is that psychology can build the healing human pathology while being concerned with people living lives that are fulfilling.

It's important to understand that positive psychology does not pretend that life is easy or as...More

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