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Review of "Boomers Really Can Put Old On Hold"

By Barbara M. Morris
Image F/X, 2002
Review by Shelly Marshall, B.S., CSAC on Feb 3rd 2003
Boomers Really Can Put Old On Hold

The basic formula for longevity hasnt changed much in the last 100 years and Barbara Morriss recap of the prevailing wisdom isnt going to knock anyones support hose off.  If youve read the occasional womens magazine, chock full of dietary, weight loss, and self-improvement nuggets, that can be purchased on the way through the supermarket line, youve already read Boomers Really Can Put Old On Hold.

You know the drill: stop smoking, be responsible for your own health, get checkups, fast occasionally, drink more water, eat right, exercise, supplement your nutrients, dont retire, stay engaged, no negative self talk, smile and dont let your self go.  Nothing surprising here.  I did laugh out loud when she likened fried rice to turtle turds.  As a Boomer myself, who was horrified when I received my first invitation to join the AARP, I particularly liked her advice, You receive an invitation to join AARP. When that happens, you will return it unopened, marked return to sender.

A well presented, nicely organized collection, this book is great for the boomer who wants to keep a summary of healthy lifestyle tips around without collecting a pile of womens magazines in their home library.


© 2003 Shelly Marshall


Shelly Marshall, B.S., CSAC is an Adolescent Chemical Dependency Specialist and Researcher. You can visit her site at

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