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Review of "The Spa Deck"

By Barbara Close
Chronicle Books, 2001
Review by Christian Perring, Ph.D. on Feb 18th 2002
The Spa Deck50 recipes for relaxation & rejuvenation, the Spa decks describes itself. Each recipe is on a card, with a pretty photograph on the other side of the card its a very Martha Stewart aesthetic. Included here are Stress Relief Massage Oil #1, Lavender Infusion Bath, Avocado Butter Mask, and Sumatra Coconut Body Scrub. Its a fairly high quality card, in a sturdy box. You will need to know where you can buy ingredients like vertivert essential oil, fresh mango, fresh lavender blossoms, avocado oil, and borage seed oil. Im not sure where Id get all of those, but Im sure you can find them on the Internet. It might be just the right sort of gift for someone who could benefit from stress relief and quality time. The theme is definitely new age, and you might want to give this along with a glittery crystal and a CD of whale songs. Of course, you need to be mindful of who would be the right recipient for such a gift: I know if I received this, I would put it in the back of a drawer and discover it three years later. But Im sure there are people out there who would use this deck at least once.

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