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Review of "Hug Me"

By Patti Stren
Harpercollins Juvenile Books, 2001
Review by Christian Perring on Jan 5th 2002
Hug Me is a picture book for small children. Elliot Kravitz is a porcupine who wants a hug, but nobody wants to hug him. He tries to get people to like him, but they will not come close. He tries hugging parking meters and traffic lights, but that simply does not satisfy his needs. Poor Elliot. Eventually he finds someone who will hug him, and he is at last happy.

Hug Me has the makings of a classic. The illustrations are done in hand sketches with computer added color, and they are charming. The book deals with loneliness, wanting to fit in, and rejection, but in a light-hearted way. It might be helpful for some children who are a little prickly themselves, and even for children who feel different from their peers. The book provides assurance that they can someone who will understand them and take the time to see their needs. But most of it, it is a sweet and fun book to read.

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