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Review of "New Hope for People with Depression"

By Marian Broida
Prima Publishing, 2001
Review by Prem Dana Takada B.B.Sc. (Hons) M.A. Clin Psych on Jul 11th 2002
New Hope for People with Depression

Another book in the New Hope series (see the review of New Hope for People with Bipolar Disorder) this book covers most of the predictable topics on Depression i.e. diagnosis, treatment, and suicide prevention. Like its sister book the overview is also broad-based with chapters also on alternative therapies, spiritual aspects and family, work and community issues. While it lacks the intensity of the Bipolar book and that co-writers creative influence (Nancy Rosenfield is a Bipolar survivor) the book does once again attempt to redress the stigma of mental illness.

My favorite thing about this book is the title, New Hope, for if there is one thing that is insidiously eaten away at in the sufferers of mood disorders, it is the essential life and healing ingredient of hope. In New Hope, Broida outlines the current status of pharmacological and medical treatments, complementary as well as the psychological treatments for depression. For example, the section on the Body includes new findings re the effects of group exercise when compared to Zoloft that found that exercise was equal in effectiveness to the medication in a motivated, middle-aged and older group. In the Getting Help and Treatment sections Antidepressants are covered as well as the importance of learning effective problem-solving and relationship skills with the aid of trusted therapist.

Once again, a great easy-to-read overview for someone who is suffering for depression or their loved ones. Not a treatment manual, so for therapeutic ideas in the cognitive behavioral and psychological area, books by specialists such as Michael Yapko and David Burns are recommended. Abraham Lincoln is mentioned again (a mood disorder sufferer) though this book is dedicated to the authors brother, a victim of the black beast of depression.

© 2002 Prem Dana Takada

Prem Dana Takada, B.B.Sc. (Hons) M.A. Clin Psych, originally trained as a Clinical Psychologist in Melbourne, Australia where she also acquired registration as a Family Therapist. After leaving Australia, Prem Dana worked as a Principal Clinical Psychologist in West London where she continued to work with individuals, couples, families, and as a group therapist and received further training as a Hypnotherapist in Oxford. She has traveled widely having also lived and worked in India, and has been in Japan for the last seven years where she currently runs the Psychotherapy and Healing Practice and is President of Mental Health Professionals Japan--a professional organization established for International Therapists.

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